Annual report

2015 Annual Financial Report

Animal Pyramid Foundation

12 February 2016

Revenue Expenditures
Funds and Donations 27,895.50
Savings account withdrawal 13,050.00



Total 2015 revenue

Veterinary surgeon

Feed and Care – Transport – Organisation and Materials – Housing

To savings account

40,945.50 € 3439.21






Total 2015 expenditures 39,430.97
ING Bank balance on 1 January 2015 255.27
ING Bank balance on 31 December 2015 1,769.80
ING Bank savings account balance on 1 January 2015 13,100.00
ING Bank savings account balance on 31 December 2015 10,014.96

2016 Policy Plan

The Policy Plan focuses on the professionalisation and optimisation of the provision of care and shelter to the animals that are under the Foundation’s wing. This includes a wide spectrum of activities, such as the horse-friendly education of Davey the young pony (‘didactics’), in order to realise responsible outplacement, but also regular meadow maintenance (good for people and the environment), and the regular maintenance and improvement of the shelter’s accommodations.

A castration and sterilisation campaign will be organised again this year, allowing people on a minimum wage to have their cats treated at a much reduced price. An additional objective is to increase our sphere of influence by stimulating more regional veterinary surgeons to participate in this campaign. This will also add to the Foundation’s name awareness without losing sight of our main objective, which is to reduce the enormous surplus of cats.

Naturally, broadening and boosting the base of the Animal Pyramid Foundation will remain an important focus, both socially and financially. In addition to the use of social media, the Council seeks to draw attention to the Foundation’s work and objectives through regional and national media. De Telegraaf, the Netherlands’ largest daily newspaper, mentioned the work of the Animal Pyramid Foundation as recently as late January of this year, and currently, the Council is looking into the feasibility of advertising on regional radio and/or television.

Time and again, it transpires that it takes a lot of effort to change people’s attitudes towards animal relations. One woman, for example, bought two baby Cumberland sliders “because it would be fun for the kids.” When the animals became too big and nobody was looking after them anymore, she did away with them, saying that “it’s really the fault of the pet shop, because they shouldn’t be selling animals like these.” And then of course, there is the sad story of Davey the pony, who was totally neglected and starved as a result of a divorce. In other words, there’s a lot of work still to be done,

also in the area of changing attitudes. To this end, the Council will deploy its 23 years of knowledge and experience with perseverance and conviction!

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